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An Ongoing Creative Project


We write music, create art, write words and offer commentary – all of it organic and evolving. By that, we mean we may publish a song that may change one week to the next as we add an instrument, change a lyric, or add a verse. Each time we release a new version of the song it gets a version ID. So a song might be called My Awesome Song so the original release is called my My Awesome Song 1.0. When we release an updated version it would be called  “My Awesome Song 2.0. Sounds nuts huh? It could quite possibly be a really dumb idea but it could also be a bodacious one (we’re bringing the word bodacious back just so you know) It’s a concept we are calling “Evolving Artistry” mainly because we can’t think of anything cool to call it.  

Think of it like an App. When a new version comes out, you update the app. Same thing when we publish a work, whether it’s music, an article or book, a commentary or a painting, it can always be updated. We may write a socio-political piece one week and change it the next. You can still see the old version but now there’s a new version with updates to the piece. We might write a novel and change the ending! The idea is that the creative art itself is perpetually evolving. That a creative paragraph becomes a Novel or  simple melody becomes an Opus..and for that matter, an opus can become a simple melody.

You can have 100 different versions of the same song that end up sounding completely different. The sound of 1.0 becomes 10.0.

That’s the idea of the CFC project. We don’t know what the end product of any piece may sound. look, read or display like, and that’s the fun of this project and every goofy journey with in it.